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March 16, 2005


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A really good analysis of Hillary Clinton's prospects by Tom Watson. [Read More]

» The Currency of Validation from Politics and War
What do pro-choice Democrats and pro-war Republicans have in common? By the end of this post, you'll find out. First, direct your attention to Nick Kristoff's NYT editorial on Hillary Clinton. (Hat tip: Tom Watson) He makes a number of... [Read More]

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Can Hillary win? Only if she's facing another uber-bland senator. [Read More]

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Is there any question left in anyone's mind that Hillary plans to be the nominee for the Democrats in 2008? [Read More]

» President Hillary Clinton? from Maultasch's Musings
Hillary Clinton may be the best politician in her family! I've been a fan since she decided to run for office - it was her Senate campaign while I was at Syracuse that lead me to switch my registration to... [Read More]

» Hillary Rising from Hillary Now
Though he bogs down in a bizarre Al Jazeera conspiracy theory near the end (maybe I'm just not following him?), Tom Watson gets it exactly right that there's no "shift to the center," Hillary's abortion position is that of probably 70% of Americans (... [Read More]

» Dow Closes Up 92, Nasdaq Finishes Up 41 from Up 92 at 11,260,
92 at 11,260, Nasdaq Ends Up 41 at 2,220 As Investors Brush Aside Mixed Signals [Read More]

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people, is posting the average price Medicare pays for 30 common elective procedures broken down by county. [Read More]

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of hospices in England are facing financial deficit, the charity Help the Hospices says. [Read More]


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